Sunday, March 28, 2010

This blog isn't in the exact order. Accidentally deleted a lot of pictures and comments, then had to re-work the blog several times. Due to that, there is a place where the pictures end, and you need to click on "older posts" to continue. Sorry I messed it up, and lost a few good pictures, but there are a zillion here to see anyway. Don't forget you can click to make them larger. And....Thanks again for everyone that came, it was a good size "get-together" for visiting and getting better acquainted. The comments are underneath the pictures.

Cranky and Sledge. This was a lost picture, got it from the camera card. Tried putting it in the right place, but Blogger was acting weird, and I didn't want to have to start over again, so Bill and Jim get the first picture! It's a classic shot. :-)

Early Friday morning...Hmmmm, which bike to ride on the first official rally ride today....?

Yvette's beautiful new Indian emblems on her Drifter tank.

And this Indian Warrior is much happier on a Kawasaki than he would have been on a real Indian! :-)

We've just made a tour of "Old Town" and stopped so I could explain what we just saw.

Mal and Corvette.

The "Ocean to Ocean Bridge. This was built in 1915, and was the last link between the Atlantic and Pacific. Before this, you had to take a ferry across the Colorado River.

Through these portals passed some of the most dangerous criminals in the South West.

Parking lot at the Prison. Below it is a cemetery. Almost everyone that died or was killed here, are buried down there. Many tried to escape, only one ever made it.

Tomorrow is the Yuma Air Show. These Bi-Planes are up practicing and enjoying the always blue sky over Yuma.

Squinting Slick. This mirror was the one used in the prison for many years, and was still in use at the time they closed up. It saved film by getting a frontal and profile shot at the same time.

Cranky looks the part! He was arrested for pedaling his bicycle without a permit.

This pretty lady is one of the happiest prisoners ever to enter the cell blocks!

Mac Guy is watching, but didn't offer to get his picture took.

Rogue and Ed, checking display cases. There is MUCH to see and read.

Tony D. Trying to look mean. :-) Somehow, he just can't pull it off! Hee hee

Lanny looks more sleepy than mean. :-) Nice try, Buddy...

Wow! Prison personnel and prisoners alike would have liked to see this lady incarcerated! Lookin' good, Jacquie!

John (Slick) looking tall. There are a few doors that were lowered by a movie studio. There have been several films made here in the prison. Audy Murphy was very short, so he's one they made the doors lower for, so he would appear taller in the movie.

Malachi wants to be the prison "Bell Ringer". He practiced with one very loud "ding".

Steven standing in the Dark Cell. The people that caused problems were placed in here. No lights, no bathroom facilities, and they slept on the floor. There was one small ventilation hole in the top, rattle snakes were know to have dropped in occasionally. Sometimes several prisoners shared this room. Also shared the space with scorpions and spiders.

Rogue walking the cell block.

Part of the group that went to the prison..the others were lost in a cell somewhere.

Bikes parked in the Yuma Territorial Prison parking lot.

Our Friday ride went through the Lynda Vista RV park. Had to stop for a picture.

Carl from Kingman, standing on our steps.

A row of Kawasakis.

The line from the other end.

A BMW, A HOG and a Voyager. Marlene, a neighbor, parked her 3 wheeler in with the motorized bikes.

A shot of the ride group. Click on the picture to make it larger.

Parking lot in "Sawn Looees" (San Luis) on the Mexican border. The Mexican city on the other side is a larger place than the US side.

Jennifer, Ted, and Phil (Einstein)

Carl, Tony D., Jacquie, and Rogue.

Same people with Pat added.

The are checking out Tony's amazing 800!

Our token Harley. :-)

And, our token BMW. :-)

A rather impressive line up. Still in San Luis.

Carl, Jacquie, Tony, Ed (Carl's brother) and Mac Guy. (Chuck) We were all happy to see Chuck, he was the "long distance rider", all the way from Puyallup, Washington.

Pacific Northwet, Mac Guy's vest.

We had Friday dinner in the El Charro. Service was good, food average, prices moderate. It was fun, and we all came away full.

Malachi, Yvette, Tony with the camera, Ray and Sue Mitchel, from San Diego.

Jim, Cat, Jim's mother and her man.

Jim Hunt (Sledge) and Don (VSP)

Good picture of Mr. and Mrs. Siegelaar. (James and Cat)

Easy to see are Pat, Mac Guy, John (Slick) and DD (Dave, who just pulled in from Calgary..via Phoenix to pick up his Gold Wing.

Yvette, Mal, and Jacquie.

I think this was DD's dinner.

Redeemed (Hal) had red chile with all the trimmings. Lookin' good!

Rick Cox (Prowler) found us here at the restaurant. He rode in from Riverside, CA. He's about ready to get around this huge burrito, smothered in red chili sauce.

I only ate the meat and the Jalapenos and tomatoes.

Is that a Chicken riding in on a Kawasaki????

Don wasn't going to ride today, but we bribed him with a date shake. He returned to the motel after having one. The wind came up, and he was afraid it could blow the little Beemer off the road!

Dave has no problem backing up in the gravel lot. Reverse works good in places like this.

Fine looking Drifter, with a fine looking rider!

Had to get a picture in before we went in for the goodies.

Ed checking out the sale items in the gift shop.

Lanny in his AZ riding clothes, Mal and Yvette checking the dates.

Tony D. Jacquie, Chuck, and Jim Hunt.

Cranky enjoying his shake.

Rogue and Kelly...gone to the dogs!

Just pulled in for a stop at Laguna Dam. When this was built, it ended steamboat traffic up the Colorado River.

Tony D. works for a Civil Engineering firm that does a lot of work with water control. He told us the large cement chunks below the dam are call Dragon's Teeth. They help break up the water somehow to control erosion...OK, we'll take his word for it :-)

There's that Rooster again! Oh, Wait!! That's Malachi!

Teresa, Phil and Yvette.

Hit 'em up, move 'em out!

Now we're parked at the US Army, Yuma Proving Grounds outside museum. We spent some time here enjoying the history.

Redeemed, a Master Mechanic, is checking out something under the Sherman Tank.

Jim Hunt is contemplating the bullet poc marks.

Biglefti always wanted to ride something faster than his Gold Wing. And, it's the same color!

Rick Cox and Slick. Castle Dome in the back ground.

Looks like this baby could do a lot of damage!

John wanted to look like Lanny, but he had to hang on! (G) Not really, but it made a better picture.

Please click on the picture if you want to read about the Sherman tank.

The Ocotillas are just starting to bloom. In about a week, the tips will be bright red. I plan to ride out and get some good pictures then.
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