Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thursday afternoon, bikes are rolling into the Best Western Coronado. The naked man is Cranky. :-)

Slick's plate says, "1 Malt". He's exhibiting a jug of high dollar single malt Scotch here.

Carl "Bear" from Kingman. Both Brothers rode their beautiful black Classics down for the rally. They have 2007 Classics, 2009 Harley Road Glides, and 2009 KLR 650 Kawasaki's. They are ready for any thing! And, a couple of great guys!

Bill "Cranky" said he doesn't eat dinner, so he's going to stick around the hotel and enjoy the nice Arizona evening.

Jim and Cat, Jacquie and Tony D. Share a table. We had 17 for dinner tonight. Our favorite waitress, Amber, had the day off so we missed her.

Pat joined us for dinner. She worked at Hospice today, but was off in time to eat with us.

Chuck (MacGuy) Ed, and Carl.

Einstein and his lovely wife, Ted and Jennifer....Oh, and Ed there in the middle!

Steven (Rogue) and Lanny (Biglefti)

Looks like Chuck had his teeth whitened! Looking good, Macguy!

This is Ray. He rides a nice 1700 Voyager. He and his wife Sue came over from the San Diego area.

Coconut Cream anyone?

Vanilla pudding on a flaky crust, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top..now that's a pie!

Don (vsp) and Ray. Don got in just before dinner, but was too tired to go out. He's been resting up at the motel.

Biglefti hauled this DRz400S on his trailer all the way from Sun City West, near Phoenix, down to Yuma. Neighbor Redd is buying it. I think it's close to 200 miles one way. What a guy!

If you own a Gold Wing, you don't need a tractor truck!

Getting ready to unload.

Biglefti at the Mexican street food stand.

I just had the ONE taco. All the Carne Asada is covered with the veggies.

Slick woofed down two of them, and was ready for more!

Slick is checking his saddle bag to make sure he didn't break anything important on the way down. Something about using only one malt. He must be planning on milkshakes tonight!

Everything appears all right :-)

"Top of the Kress". There are several bars in this place. This is the 4th floor roof top. There is seating all around the edge too. The one down a level has a comedian, bands and free bar snacks from 3 to 7 every day, with 1/2 price drinks. This is in old town, about a mile from the Best Western.

One of the views from the Roof top.

Entrance to the bars.

Next door is a very nice restaurant. A little on the expensive side I think, but it may not be too bad. I was more interested in the roof top, and didn't bother to check the menu here.

This young lady was outside on her cell phone. She complimented my belt buckle, I complimented her shoes. :-) She's one of the bartenders.

This was an old Kress Five and Dime store. It was opened not long ago as a Blues Club, but has sort of changed to more of a variety.

Entrance to Lutes, where we will eat Saturday evening.

Bar next to Lute's.

Been riding the "A" a lot today. Good bike!

Another club in Old Town.

Good pie! Reasonable good food, and plentiful! Excellent waitresses too. We'll probably eat here Thursday evening. Also in Old Town.

Used to the the Happy Greek Chef. He got divorced or something, so changed the name to the Mad Chef. Same good food and people. This old rail road car used to be across the street. A home for winos and homeless. The restaurant bought it and make it part of the dining room. Thankfully, they cleaned it up a little.

Next door to the Mad chef. Another popular place.

This was my first choice for the Kaw Pasture. Price was right, and it has a lot of character, but they only have 6 rooms open. :-)

Close to our park, this is my favorite "street food" place. There are dozens of places like this in Yuma.

Marinated beef steak (Carne Asada) grilled and chopped for several different dishes. Some people call them Fajita's but you don't see that word in Mexico or near the border. What ever you call it, it's deeeelicious!

They always have several sauces, pinto beans, cucumbers, several kinds of grilled and marinated peppers and carrots, cilantro, grilled onions, etc. All topping are available to put on anything you order..You can make a whole meal out of a couple of tacos!

Parking down wind from the wonderful smoke off the grill, may help with any rusting problem.

A test picture for the new blog. Cranky said his wife, Donna, would like him to bring home a gecko from Arizona. So, this one came from Mexico this morning. I put it on the take so it could be VROC related. Many more pictures to come as the weekend progresses!

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